Why Save the Honey Bees?

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When you think about the benefits that bees offer us, you probably think about honey. But did you know that the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that honey bees are responsible for more than one third of the food that reaches our tables? Bee pollination is extremely important. But bees are disappearing all over the planet.

Saving the honey bees is vital. That's why it's important to work with a trained bee specialist when you need bees removed from your property. Harmful insecticides and improper pest control techniques are just a couple of the reasons behind the disappearance of bees. Clearly The Best Bees has the training and expertise needed to relocate bees safely.

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Don't forget to thank the honey bees

Don't forget to thank the honey bees

There's a good chance that you use products and eat foods throughout your day that wouldn't exist without bees. You can thank honey bees for:

  Medical treatments, such as anti-inflammatory medications.

  Cosmetics, such as lip balm, lotions and lipstick.

  Honey, which is used in recipes all over the world.

  Crops, such as apples, almonds and cucumbers.

GMOs, insecticides, viruses and various government policies have all contributed to the death of honey bees. But there's still time to save our bees. Call Clearly The Best Bees in Moraine, OH today to speak with a bee specialist.