How to Identify Honey Bees on Your Property

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If it buzzes like a bee and stings like a might not be a bee. The truth is that there are many flying insects that people mistake for bees. Wasps, yellow jackets and bumble bees are just a few insects that are mistaken for honey bees. But if you want to rid your property of stinging insects, you should know what you're dealing with.

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Know your bees

Know your bees

Are there honey bees buzzing around your property? It's important to know if the insects on your property are honey bees or other stinging insects. Here are three facts about honey bees that will help you identify them:

  Honey bees travel in large swarms, unlike wasps and bumble bees.

  Honey bees fill large cavities in walls, attics and floors with honey.

  Honey bees have yellow fuzzy bodies and black abdominal stripes.

Clearly The Best Bees can help you identify insects on your property. If there are honey bees making themselves at home, our bee specialist can remove and relocate them. Make an appointment for bee relocation services in Moraine, OH today.